Internship Programs



Iphygenia Solution is a training, development and placement company which offer Summer Training  to technical students as well as working professionals.

We are Providing Several types of Courses along Summer Training : –

  1. Java Technologies
  2. Web Development, SQL Injection, Big data & Analytics
  3. Mobile Applications development


We are providing corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years to move beyond training just new hires, sales people and leaders.

Learning and development professionals and corporate trainers.

  1. How can corporate training help an organization compete ?
  2. Formal classroom training is just one way to meet the skills gap.
  3. Collaborative platforms, self-authored video, MOOC ‘s, mobile.
  4. There are learning options are all becoming accepted corporate training tools


We are providing IT Professional Training, Fully SAAS Funded IT Courses as well as  the IT Professional course covers  : –

  1. Software development, CMS development & CodeIgniter development.
  2. SQL Injection, Ethical Hacking, Open Source Operating Systems.
  3. Networking, Virtualization, Servers and lastly Best Service Practices for IT Managers (ITIL).

Estimated course duration is 360 hours, should you study 1 hour per day you could complete the course in 6 months.


We are focus for Freshers is on how to bring them upto speed in the quickest possible time thereby cutting down time and cost for Enterprises. We are also cognisant of the fact that cutting corners on training content is not the solution for faster deployment.

We are providing several types of courses along summer training : –

  1. Web Development
  2. Android Application development
  3. Core PHP , CMS & Frameworks development
  4. Working with Database & Scripts

Our Short terms Courses

Computer programming involves activities such as analysis, developing understanding, generating algorithms, verification of requirements of algorithms including their correctness and resources consump [...]
Smart mobile phones has seized the world of users to access internet on the go! Opportunities to build mobile friendly websites and applications have hence grown along with this change. [...]
In Software Development field, change happens at a lightning-fast pace. There are new products, tools, and apps released into the world every day—and dozens of languages and frameworks to master. [...]
Java is an object-oriented language that enables learners to create real-world applications. Java technology based software works just about everywhere—from the smallest devices to super computers. [...]
This course is helpful for anyone interested how to create websites. Some of the areas covered include designing web pages, CSS, HTML-5, WordPress, search engine optimization, content management etc. [...]
Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it a [...]
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to describe data. The XML standard is a flexible way to create information formats and electronically share structured data via the public Internet, as well as [...]
Databases are used to hold administrative information and more specialized data, such as engineering data or economic models. Examples of database applications include computerized library systems, fl [...]
At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range [...]